All client words have been carefully selected and used with the utmost respect and permission. Shauna would like to thank her clients who felt able to contribute to this.



'I have been having counselling with Shauna for some personal issues which have been going on for me for as long as I can remember. I have seen a couple of counsellors before, but Shauna, for me has been a breath of fresh air! I feel that I can open up to her, talk about all the tough stuff and she gives me nothing but care, warmth and understanding. Shauna uses different techniques to create a safe space for me and allow me to heal my own wounds. Thanks ever so much for everything Shauna.'

'I originally contacted Shauna because of CFS (partly triggered by a past trauma) and related anxiety issues I was having. I was immediately relaxed by Shauna's warm, calm and understanding personality to the point where at times it became like chatting to a good friend, not to belittle the work done or the professional manor in which Shauna conducted the sessions - I was just very comfortable and at ease with her. Having now completed my counselling sessions with her I can highly recommend her to anyone with similar problems to me or indeed anyone experiencing a mental health issue. She used a wide range of counselling techniques and I have taken away many 'tools' that I can use whenever I face issues. Although she always claimed I was doing the work, her guidance and reassurance was key. I felt that her expertise in counselling was so beneficial to me that it has potentially changed my outlook of life for good.'

'Working with Shauna has been immensely supportive and reassuring. She has helped me move beyond some very traumatic events, by exploring them (at my own pace, when I was ready) and letting me make sense of my reactions to them. I have always felt without question that Shauna was there for me, whether my week has been great, devastating or indifferent. She is sensitive, intuitive and draws seamlessly on a number of therapy approaches, allowing her to help me 'heal' my past, deal with the present and give me the tools to cope with the future.'

'Shauna, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I have been able to see things clearer and work through issues I have been burying for years! thank you for being warm, understanding and there for me relentlessly. I will miss our sessions but feel able to use the confidence I developed during counselling in the outside world. I will never forget you, Thanks again.'

'I contacted Shauna initially for some counselling after experiencing anxiety and difficulties in a close relationship. Having worked with Shauna over the period of nineteen sessions, I felt able to cope better with my emotions and how I conduct myself in this particular relationship. I have to say, it was the hardest thing I have ever done and therapy isn't an easy way out! Shauna was really supportive and I really felt she was non-judgmental and I felt very safe with her. I am still learning how to 'be', and this is ongoing for me but without my therapy with Shauna, I would not be half as calm and happy as I am now. I can fully recommend that anyone who is seeking therapy contact Shauna, I was really scared while looking for a counsellor but Shauna put me at ease right from the start, I will really miss her.'

'When I first contacted Shauna I was at rock bottom. Having a history of suicidal attempts and thoughts, I was stuck in a dark and scary place. I knew I needed some support. Shauna has been incredible. It felt like she always knew what to say when others didn't have a clue. I have been able to find ways to cope. I am alive and know I have reasons to be alive. I couldn't see this before. Shauna's support has been invaluable. She has been warm, safe and there for me when I have needed her. I have now ended my counselling and know that Shauna will be there if I need to go back. My life is totally changed since starting counselling, I can't thank Shauna enough.'

'Over the many months working together Shauna used a person centred approach to explore aspects of depression, suicide, self image, relationships, sexual issues, feelings of loss, and day to day coping strategies. She has also helped with my post traumatic stress disorder symptoms by working on creating a safe environment for me to explore my areas of trauma. Shauna treats me with great respect and care. I have nothing but praise for her and all she has done to support me. Her attention to detail and timing means I am always able to leave our sessions feeling safe. I am never rushed or hurried. Shauna has worked with me through the extreme lows of my depression, acted as my advocate during my period in psychiatric hospital and supported my personal journey, through artistic endeavors, to tell my story. She has helped me to realise that my experiences are valuable and that I too am valued by others.'

'Having worked with Shauna in counselling for the last nine months, I can safely say that starting counselling was the best decision I have ever made. Not just that, but choosing Shauna as my counsellor was the best choice I could have made. I have found sessions with Shauna absolutely calming, safe and I have felt able to talk over the most horrific things that have prevented me living a full and happy life. Shauna has helped me overcome some serious issues with self harming and suicidal thoughts. I have been able to address issues I had with my family and past relationships with Shauna's support. She has been kind, caring, gentle and shown me that I can feel in control and take counselling at my own pace. I hope to continue to move forwards in my life and I know that I can see Shauna again if I need to.'

'Finishing counselling was almost as scary as the thought of starting... scary in a different way... scary in a 'I am facing the world' kind of way. My sessions with Shauna have helped me to face my issues around food and eating and weight and control. It has been hard. But truly brilliant. I can now say that I am in control of my life in a balanced and safe way. Shauna has been the best counsellor, she has been insightful, intuitive and gentle in her approach. Walking with me on my journey and allowing me to open up bit by bit. I will miss Shauna and the weekly sessions, knowing she is there for me no matter what. I now know, I can be there for me, no matter what. I am giving up my stabilisers... and riding free! Thanks for everything Shauna.'

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